Martina Manfreda Mortimer Knitwear

Manfreda Knitwear

Martina Manfreda Mortimer

“I see myself as a product designer and textile artist.

My aim is to create a sustainable product, independent of fashion trends, a design that carries my distinctive signature. I want a dress to be contemporary years after a customer buys it.

Knitwear design gives me full control of the whole creative process: starting from a simple yarn to the final knitted garment.

I see the yarn as my paint and my knitting machine is the brush and the canvas. I knit as I would paint. My work involves a combination of improvisation and inspiration.

I love taking a lot of time to discuss a product with my customers who visit me in my studio in Berlin. I often develop a close relationship with them.

The strong and personal connection I have with my customers gives the extra joy and purpose to my work.”

Martina Manfreda Mortimer


Martina Manfreda